Elleciel Custom Surfboards x CRTV NATV

Living on an island can get our minds to wander on slow days, so we thought of a fun idea that fit seamlessly with our fabrics on a handmade wooden surfboard. David Sautebin the owner and shaper of Elleciel Custom Surfboards is based in Phuket, Thailand and has been shaping boards for over 10 years. He left his life of watchmaking in Switzerland to travel the world sea hitchhiking.

It was late 2018 when we pitched the idea of these four prints to be glassed into boards and a limited run of Party Shirts were being crafted to match. We shipped a few yards of our fabric to Thailand and let David work his magic. 

What makes this collaboration great are the fact that Elleciel boards are 100% hand-shaped from start to finish. The method begins with the hotwire, carving out contours via jigs to create the basis of a rocker. They are then shaped completely by hand into their final forms over the course of a few hours. A thin layer of Paulownia wood is then vacuum bagged to the deck, while our Creative Native fabrics have been glassed into the bottoms. Ecopoxy Bio Resin then glasses over the entire board.

LSCL, “Live Simple and Consume Less” is what Elleciel’s brand stands for, the same mantra we run by, and we couldn’t think of a better brand to engage with. We hope this run of hand crafted surfboards hits home here in Siargao, an island that places simplicity and sustainability at the forefront.  Let’s just say we are all pleased how they turned out.

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