Taken By The Ocean Breeze, From The Offshore Winds

The first leg of our Indo seclusion we flew from the Philippines down to west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia to surf the point of Sorake beach, Nias. We packed our essentials and the boards. We were ready to get wet. 

After a few plane rides from home, we have reached Gunung Sitoli Town whereas, Sorake is about 60km journey or 3 hours drive to this surfing gem. Finally, into the jungle, we're on. We had a couple of early mornings to remember, generous hours in the water and a few Bintangs to end the day. 

As you can see from the incredible out on the boat photos by our local friend Justin Buulolo, we know the lack of our edit does not suffice how incredible Lagundri bay was, but, if you get a kick with these kinds of things, you are right up on our alley.

Here is a preview still. Enjoy.

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